MOUNTAIN VIEW, CALIF. — Shitpostr has gained exclusive access to Google’s new diversity training materials, which the company recently introduced after settling several sexual harassment lawsuits.

In an introductory video, diversity expert Bruce Harris describes three types of workplace behavior: acceptable, unacceptable, and gray area, which is where problems usually occur. What exactly is a gray area? “When black people and white people mix in the workplace, they make gray,” Harris says. “Steer clear of it.”


The training includes several case studies that ask managers to make decisions based on real-life situations. Play along and see if you can choose the right answers.

Case Study 1: Greg and Victoria

A supervisor, Greg, tells his subordinate, Victoria, that she’ll get a promotion if she sleeps with him. Victoria sleeps with Greg, gets promoted, and then reports Greg to human resources for sexual harassment. The company fires Greg. Should the company demote Victoria to her previous position, too?

Case Study 2: Evan and Tim


Evan and Tim are coworkers who happen to be black. Tim likes to show his colleagues videos of black comedians, but Evan doesn’t appreciate it. “All they say is ‘nigga this, nigga that,'” Evan says. Tim says Evan doesn’t get the jokes because he’s only half black. “Don’t listen to Cross-Colors,” he tells his friends. If you’re Tim’s supervisor and you’re white, should you reprimand Tim?

Case Study 3: Vikram and Jack

Vikram is Muslim and maintains a halāl diet. He heats his lunch in the office microwave each day. Whenever Jack smells Vikram’s food, he says, “Jesus Christ, who farted?” Vikram has asked Jack, who is white and Baptist, to keep his comments to himself. Jack said he shouldn’t have to smell Vikram’s “camel slop,” which stinks enough to “start another Gulf War.” Should a manager reprimand Jack?

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