George and Kellyanne Conway

WASHINGTON — White House counselor Kellyanne Conway announced Sunday that she will resign at the end of the month to focus on family. She and her husband, George Conway, will use the next week to get reacquainted with details of family life, such as their children’s names.

“George and I disagree about plenty,” Ms. Conway said during a press conference. “But we’re united on what matters most: our three kids.” Mr. Conway shot her a confused look. “I mean our four kids,” Ms. Conway said. She cocked her head to the side. “Or is it five?”

A reporter asked the Conways whether their decision was prompted by their 15-year-old daughter’s recent announcement on social media that she is seeking emancipation.

“We’re certainly concerned about—uh, that daughter,” Ms. Conway said.

“Which daughter?” the reporter asked.

“Is there more than one?” Mr. Conway asked.

An aide escorted the Conway’s eight-year-old daughter, Vanessa, to the podium and said, “Go give your mom a hug.” The girl ran past Ms. Conway and threw her arms around her nanny, who was standing nearby.

“Isn’t that adorable!” Ms. Conway said. “A mother and her child.”

Before answering more questions, Mr. and Ms. Conway huddled over a laptop and frantically searched Google for news articles about their children. They were perplexed by the lack of search results until they remembered they were only people authorized to release information about their children to the media.

Tip Shorts

Tip Shorts won fourth place in the Belchertown Continuation School journalism contest. He has written for Solid Waste Weekly, The Deadhorse Picayune, and All About Balls. His investigative reporting led to the 2008 boycott of Al's Muffler Shop in Toad, Kentucky.