Joe Biden transition

Biden Transition!

Team says president-elect's transition nearly complete

WASHINGTON — The Biden transition team announced today that the president-elect’s transition is nearly complete. Joe Biden began transitioning just three weeks ago and has progressed faster than expected. “When I heard that new presidents are supposed to transition, I wasn’t sure what it meant,” Biden told supporters yesterday at a rally in Toledo, Ohio. “In my day, a fella was a fella, and a gal was a gal. But these are different times.” more


Count Choculani!

Mysterious brown liquid proves Rudy Giuliani is Count Chocula
Jeffrey Toobin

Goonin’ Toobin!

Jeffrey Toobin returns as spokesman for gooner masturbators
Van Halen

Van Hail to the Chief!

Eddie Van Halen astral projects into Supreme Court to decide election!
Crying Millennial

Z Hates Millennials!

Millennials cry after learning even Gen Z hates them

Diversity Drill!

Take a quiz from Google's new diversity training
QAnon $ Kids

Kindergarten QAnon!

Florida adds QAnon to public school curriculum
gig worker

Drive, You Lazy Fuck!

You're a loser if you can't earn six figures a year delivering food