Crying Millennial

Z Hates Millennials!

Millennials cry after learning even Gen Z hates them

WASHINGTON — Millions of millennials gathered across the U.S. this week to cry publicly after a new study found that Generation Z absolutely loathes them. “We’ve known for a long time that Boomers and Xers hate us,” blubbered 35-year-old Ashley Patterson of Racine, Wisc. “We really wanted the younger kids to think we were cool!” […]


Diversity Drill!

Take a quiz from Google's new diversity training
QAnon $ Kids

Kindergarten QAnon!

Florida adds QAnon to public school curriculum
gig worker

Drive, You Lazy Fuck!

You're a loser if you can't earn six figures a year delivering food
Kimberly Guilfoyle

Kim Hunts Hunter!

Kimberly Guilfoyle sets sights on Hunter Biden as Trump's star dims
George and Kellyanne Conway

Parental Amnesia!

George and Kellyanne Conway search Internet to remember kids' names
Ted Nugent

Wang Dang POTUS!

NASA receives message from President Ted Nugent in 2029!
blame game

Blame Game Aflame!

Court finds everybody wins when nobody's responsible
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